10 Mar 2011

Dr Lisa Leung on East Asian Media Circulation

We are pleased to announce the latest meeting of the London Asia Pacific Cultural Studies Forum with Dr Lisa Leung from Lingnan University in Hong Kong. In this informal meeting, Dr Leung will initiate the discussion by sharing some of her most recent thoughts, yet to be published in a full paper, on East Asian Pop Culture. She will talk about the ‘different layers of appropriation' that complicate the critical rethinking of East Asian media circulation, between Hong Kong, China, Korea and Japan. She will also combine this with the challenges of doing audience consumption research on the internet, something which is more current to her research. Please let us know (lapcsf@gmail.com) if you would like to attend. Drinks afterwards, as always!
Whither is the transnational? Some tentative thoughts about the challenges of East Asian TV dramas reception studies

Lisa Leung, Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University

Date: Friday March 18th (6:00 to 8:00 PM)
Room 629, Birkbeck Main Building (Torrington Square) 

Scholarship around the transnational reception of East Asian media and cultural products has epitomized the challenges of popular culture research, which has been attempting to capture the interplay between globalized consumerist culture, cultural negotiations as well as geo-political tensions in the region. After a decade of research and publications on the topic, Dr Lisa Leung shares about her critical evaluations of the contributions of, as well as the challenges, facing East Asian media reception studies, in terms of its conceptualizations as well as methodologies. How will the ‘layers of appropriation’ of transnational audience to the media products interplay with the shifting geo-political dynamics in the East Asian region? How can the internet, which has transformed (transnational) viewing landscape pose new challenges to the research methodologies surrounding reception studies?

Bio: Dr Lisa Leung has researched and published extensively on the transnational circulation of Japanese and Korean media and cultural products. While her specialty is in audience studies, she has also researched and published on the interplay between (global) popular culture and social movements. Her more recent interests include creative industries, ethnic minorities and multiculturalism, as well as community media.

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