21 Sep 2011

Birkbeck College, University of London and LAPCSF (London Asia Pacific Cultural Studies Forum) present

International Symposium

Friday, 28 October 2011 – Sunday, 30 October 2011

Birkbeck College, 43 Gordon Square, WC1H, London
Birkbeck College, Main Building, Malet Street, WC1E 7HX, London

Discussion Themes and Focus

Inspired by Nishiyama Yuji’s documentary film “The Right to Philosophy”, comprised of his interviews with those associated with “International College of Philosophy” founded in Paris by Jaques Derrida and Francois Chatelet in 1983, this small-scale international symposium, will try to address issues surrounding the past, present and future of Humanities education and research in the age of crisis. This “crisis” particularly resonates with the natural disasters on March 11, 2011 in Japan, and the following calamitous events centered on the nuclear power-plant’s meltdown at Fukushima.

What could be the roles and responsibilities of Humanities scholars facing this crisis? Can University education stand up to the multiple challenges posed by the now increasingly technologically sophisticated neoliberal/capitalist politics? What could be the viable relationship between Cultural Studies and Philosophy education? And is it too vulgar to talk about Art and Literature after “Fukushima”?

This gathering will tackle these questions from various and broad perspectives in a kind of intellectual exchange particularly among those who are concerned with the relevant issues in the present geopolitical contexts in Japan and Britain. Although the Symposium is based on the traditional format consisting of several panels with keynote speeches and commentaries, its atmosphere will be definitely friendly, non-hierarchical and improvisational, and we hope that the participants will enjoy the intellectual exchanges at their very best forms during the three days.

Schedule and Guest Speakers

*Keynote speech is 30~45 minutes, commentary 15~20 minutes.

*Participation in the symposium is free of charge, but please pay £20 for food and drinks if you would like to attend the Reception on Friday 28th and the Farewell Party on Sunday 30th (£10 for attending only one of the two; the Keynote speakers and Commentators are free)

Friday 28th October

17:00~20:00 Panel 1: “Cultural Studies and Philosophy Education in Asia” (Room G16, Malet St)
Keynote 1: Koichi Iwabuchi (Waseda University)
Keynote 2: Fabian Schäfer (Leipzig University)
Comment1: Angus Lockyer (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London)
Comment 2: Ted Motohashi (Birkbeck College, University of London)


20:00~21:00 Reception (Room G16, Malet St)

Saturday 29th October

11:00~14:00 Film showing: “The Right to Philosophy” (Birkbeck Cinema, Gordon Sq)
Keynote: Yuji Nishiyama (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Comment: Yusuke Miyazaki (University of Niigata)


15:00~18:00 Panel 2: “Roles and Responsibilities of Intellectuals in the Age of Neoliberal Politics” (Room 416, Malet St)
Keynote1: Sabu Kohso (New York, Artist/Activist)
Keynote 2: Jun Hirose (Ryukoku University)
Comment 1: Angela McRobbie (Goldsmiths College, University of London)
Comment 2: Jeremy Gilbert (University of East London)


Sunday 30th October

~13:00 Panel 3: “Humanities After Crisis” (Room B04, Gordon Sq)
Keynote 1: Ryuta Imafuku (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Keynote 2: Chih-Ming Wang (Institute of European and American Studies, Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
Comment 1: Esther Leslie (Birkbeck College, University of London)
Comment 2: Michael Gardiner (University of Warwick)


~17:00 Panel 4: “The Present Conditions and Future Prospects of Humanities Education in Universities” (Room B04, Gordon Sq)
Keynote 1: Naoki Sakai (Cornell University)
Keynote 2: Gauri Viswanathan (Columbia University)
Comment 1: Costas Douzinas (Birkbeck College, University of London)
Comment 2: John Hutnyk (Goldsmiths College, University of London)      


17:00~18:30 Summary Panel (Room B04, Gordon Sq)
All the Keynote Speakers’ and Commentators’ final remarks (5 minutes each)

~21:00 Farewell Party (Room B03, Gordon Sq)

With Financial Help from Japan Foundation
Moderated by Ted Motohashi and Shinji Oyama
With Lyle De Souza, Maria Filisch, Simon Turner, Oliver Dew, Novella Gremigni and Dario Lolli as Executive Committee Members

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    We also have an open Google Document for anyone to edit or contribute to. http://goo.gl/uQ4gB