1 Aug 2010

Call for the 1st Preliminary Meeting

"London Asia Pacific Cultural Studies Forum" (LAPCSF), the First Meeting

July 26th, 17:30~20:00, Room 633, Malet Street, Birkbeck College, University of  London

After several years of collective endeavours, cultural studies in London with a focus on Asia Pacific seem to have met new challenges.  Can cultural studies and their practitioners based in London, particularly those from Asian countries, and those whose main reseach interests are related to Asia, still be vibrant and vital forces and sources of inspiration?  What can they offer to those whose main areas of studies are not Asia Pacific?  What kind of relationships can we envisage between Cultural Studies and Area Studies in general after the transformations of cultural studeis over the years?  What are the inherent issues and practical problems those graduate students from Asian countries facing who have been the lynchpin of internationalised cultural studies in London?  

In order to address these questions among others through regular meetings which will consist of seminars on various themes organised by graduate students, we are setting up a network called "London Asia Pacific Cultural Studies Forum" (LAPCSF), based on Birkbeck College, University of London. We aim to build up personal and practical network of people through these meetings starting from September 2010, which should culminate in an international conference in November 2011, also at Birkbeck.

The first preparatory meeting on 26th July will be an important opportunity to meet one another who share common concerns, and to exchange our views on our future directions.

We have two main speakers, Hiroki and Chris, who have been behind among others the development of Asian cultural studies in London.    

Chair: Ted Motohashi (Tokyo University of Economics; Birkbeck College)

1) Hiroki Ogawawara (Kobe University, Japan), "Studying Cultural Studies in London: Trajectories of PACSF from the millenium"

2) Chirs Berry (Goldsmiths College), "The Perils and Pitfalls of Promoting Asian Cultural Studies in London"

3) Discussion

4) Party: food and drinks will be provided.

The attendance is of course free, but some contributions as to food/drink cost will be welcome. 

All welcome!

Hurriedly with best wishes,

Ted Motohashi

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