1 Aug 2010

2011 Conference

A provisional proposal for Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies Conference at Birkbeck College, London

1. Organising Committee:
LAPCSF Graduate Students Conference Organising Committee

2. Dates:
Friday 25th to Sunday 27th, November 2011

3. Title and Overall Theme:
“Transition and Transformation of Cultural Studies in Asia Pacific: Crossroads of Philosophy, Literature and Economics”

4. Basic Schedule:
1) Friday evening  -  Plenary Symposium I “Crises of Humanities and Institutionalisation of Cultural Studies”  followed by a welcome reception
2) Saturday morning  -  Plenary Symposium II “Translation and Comparatism in Cultural Studies”
3) Saturday afternoon  -  Parallel paper panels
4) Saturday evening  -  Plenary Symposium III “Archipelagic Imagination in Asia Pacific”
5) Sunday morning  -  Plenary Symposium IV “Cultural Studies and New Social Economy”
6) Sunday afternoon  -  Parallel paper panels and a final plenary discussion
7) Sunday evening  -  Farewell party

5. Plenary speakers to be invited will include (to be confirmed):
Gayatri Spivak (Columbia University)
Naoki Sakai (Cornell University)
Rey Chow (Brown University)
Toshiya Ueno (Wako University, Tokyo)
Ryuta Imafuku (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Kwan-Hsing Chen (National Chiao Yung University)
Tessa Morris-Suzuki (Australian National University)
Paul Gilroy (London School of Economics)
Peter Hulme (Essex University)

6. Finance:
To be discussed. 

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